Three types of Peruvian ceviche you should try

Peruvian ceviche is an exquisite and nutritious dish. Fish, the main ingredient of ceviche, is white meat rich in protein, B vitamins, phosphorus, calcium, iron, copper and iodine.

It is very good because of the diversity of vitamins and minerals. It also helps you lose fat and gain muscle, and is easily digested, so you can eat it with confidence.

It is very generous, like most seafood, because it can be combined with other ingredients in delicious dishes, without losing flavor.

It is a star dish for dinner, because it is low in calories and free of fat. Discover three types of Peruvian ceviches that you must try.

The Peruvian fish ceviche

Fish ceviche is considered a culinary heritage of Peru. The Mochica culture macerated the fish with a fruit called tumbo, the Incas did it with chicha, and with the arrival of the Spaniards the onion and the lemon adorned the flavor of this dish.

Located to the borders of the sea, great part of the nutritional diet of Peru is sustained in the seafood, and for that reason this dish is very popular from pre-Hispanic times.

The Peruvian ceviche made with fish is the most popular. It is made with a piece of fresh, clean, white fish cut into squares.

Once the meat is cut into pieces, it is macerated for a few minutes in lemon juice, aji limo -which is a type of hot bell pepper from the Peruvian region-, salt and pepper to taste.

As an exclusive Peruvian food restaurant, we add other ingredients, not so secret, but that make the difference.

Purple onion cut in julienne, garlic and coriander, are some of the ingredients that enhance its flavor. The next time you come to our restaurant we will be happy to serve you an exquisite Peruvian ceviche.

Peruvian ceviche with mixed ingredients

This type of Peruvian ceviche integrates other seafood, apart from fish. It follows the same process of maceration with lemon juice.

You can choose between shrimp, calamari, shells, snail, or clams, for example. In the mixed ceviche you basically command your taste and you put the ones you like the most.

Ideally, the mixed Peruvian ceviche should be prepared with seafood recently extracted from the sea, as it was offered to the great Inca and Moche authorities, but the sea is not always close by, so you only have to check that they have not lost their cold chain.

With all the seafood clean and cut in small pieces, you put them to macerate for a few minutes in the lemon juice and serve them mixed.

Peruvian ceviche is a dish for health and also for the delight of the palate. If you love spicy food, add the traditional aji limo.

Peruvian ceviche with black shells

This Peruvian ceviche has mollusks as its main ingredient.

Black shells are popular in the Tumbes region of Peru. The passion for this dish has spread and now goes beyond borders.

It is possible that the popular myth that considers them an aphrodisiac is supporting its nutritional richness.

Researchers point out that this mollusk has more than 150 types of antioxidants, including beta-glucan and lentinan, which stimulate the immune system, as well as germanium, which normalizes the body’s functions.

The richness of its minerals has possibly stimulated the myth, but if you want to discover its qualities you can enjoy our exquisite Peruvian ceviche with black shells.

This ceviche is prepared with these mollusks, which are macerated with lemon juice and spices, such as aji limo, onion in julienne, pepper, salt, among others.

You must know that the protagonists of this dish must be the shells, and the purpose is that you enjoy its natural flavor in all its expression.