Peruvian cuisine: know its main ingredients

Peruvian gastronomy is unique in the world. Thanks to the variety of recipes that reflect a centuries-old cultural mix, dishes such as ceviche, rice with chicken or huancaína potato stand out for their combinations. Undoubtedly, Peruvian cuisine mixes amazing flavors and smells.

From the coastal regions to the virgin jungles, Peruvian dishes are characterized by their exceptional ingredients. In addition, the great abundance of vegetables, spices and meats used in Peruvian recipes are of great interest to home cooks and professional chefs.

So, if you want to learn the secrets of this culinary tradition to prepare authentic dishes, stay here! As Restaurant SolyMar, the best Peruvian food restaurant in Montreal and Laval, we will introduce you here to the main ingredients of Peruvian cuisine. Let’s get started!

What makes Peruvian cuisine special?

Just like its textiles, music and literature, Peru’s gastronomy is unique due to the fusion of diverse culinary roots into a single common trunk. In fact, we can say that Peruvian tradition is the result of many cultural and gastronomic influences throughout history.

From the Inca period, the Spanish colonization and the migratory flows of Chinese, Europeans, Japanese and Africans, Peruvian cuisine incorporated ingredients and flavors in unique combinations. For this reason, both immigrants and locals adapted their dishes to the new recipes.

However, there are certain ingredients in Peruvian gastronomy that are untouchable, or rather, fundamental. Without these ingredients, the dishes would be impossible to recreate or would not represent the cultural essence of Peru. The absence of these components would mean a great culinary void.

For this reason, and so that you can prepare classic dishes properly, let’s review some of the most important ingredients of Peruvian gastronomy:


Of all the meats used in Peruvian cuisine, fish stands out among the favorites. Peru is home to hundreds of species of marine and freshwater fish with which typical dishes are cooked. For example, ceviche is the most famous recipe with fine fish, such as valaco or Andean trout.

2-Potatoes and sweet potatoes

It is indisputable that potatoes and sweet potatoes are the country’s specialty and a staple food for Peruvians. It is estimated that more than 2,000 varieties of potatoes and sweet potatoes are grown in Peru, most of them originating in the Andes. As if that were not enough, each variety has different flavors and colors.

These tubers are included in soups, purees, stews, salads, fried side dishes and countless presentations. In any region, potatoes and sweet potatoes will be present in more than one dish. The best thing is that they can be found in any market.


Known as “Indian rice” in Peruvian cuisine, this grain has been the staple food of Peruvians since Inca times. Thanks to its nutty flavor, it is perfect for use in sauces, stews and salads. You can find different varieties and colors. This cereal is even considered to be super nutritious thanks to its proteins.

4-Yellow beans

An authentic Peruvian food recipe must be well seasoned, and aji Amarillo is perfect for this. Peru produces a wide range of chili peppers, but the aji Amarillo stands out for its flavor and striking colors (between yellow and orange, depending on the variety).

For example, this chili is used ground or chopped to cook escabeches, aji de gallina, locro de camarones, choros and other delicious dishes.


There is a variety of plantains in Peru of different sizes and flavors, especially in the jungle regions. For example, sweet plantains are cut lengthwise and fried. They are sometimes served as a side dish with beans or meat, or eaten alone or with a traditional sweet. The result is exquisite.


It is well known that tomatoes are native to South America, especially Peru and other Andean countries. For this reason, it is no surprise that they are the most used vegetable in Peruvian cuisine. Whether in sauces, salads or garnishes, tomatoes are indispensable in Peruvian recipes. The varieties from the Andes are the most exotic and valuable.

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