Peruvian Christmas food recipes to enjoy with the family

Peru has one of the most exquisite and varied cuisines in the world. It is characterized by its deep and intense flavors, with citrus, fruity, smoked or spicy flavors predominating at Christmas time. There are many Peruvian Christmas food recipes!

However, although Christmas and New Year’s Eve dinners have been differentiated by having turkey and some sweet preparations as protagonists, they are not the only ones. The truth is that there is a wide variety of recipes that can help you prepare some of the incredible Peruvian food recipes for you to enjoy with your family during the upcoming holidays.

In Solymar we have a wide variety of dishes for you to enjoy delicious Peruvian food without leaving Montreal. However, this time we present you some of the most representative Peruvian Christmas food recipes.

Baked stuffed turkey: the great protagonist

Let’s start with the main dish. What makes this baked turkey recipe special is its stuffing and marinade. To prepare the marinade you should mix: ground garlic, salt, rosemary, sugar, lemon and orange juice, soda and a little pisco, which is an alcoholic beverage of historical date in the South American country, prepared from grapes.

In order for the maceration to be impregnated in the best way, let it rest in the refrigerator for at least twelve hours. Besides, the delicious stuffing composed of pork, beef, garlic, onion, nutmeg, mint, among others, will give your preparation an incomparable flavor.

Baked suckling pig

The same happens with another great favorite, mainly because of its particular flavor and juiciness. Although it may seem a difficult recipe to prepare, the truth is that it is enough to keep in mind the cooking time and especially the preparation of the marinade.

The ingredients do not differ too much from the previous Christmas meal recipe. To prepare a suckling pig you will need some varieties of chili bell pepper, bay leaf, white wine and the inevitable pisco.

However, every main dish must be accompanied by side dishes that accentuate the flavors of the main dish. In Peruvian gastronomy, rice and salads predominate, which vary a little from the traditional preparation.

Garnishes full of flavor, color and texture.

Remember to accompany your Peruvian Christmas recipes with the following side dishes:

– Rice to the planter:

The regular preparation of rice is accompanied by peas, carrots, corn and beans. It is a delicious and easy to prepare Peruvian dish. Ideal to accompany the main course during the holidays.

– Christmas rice:

The main peculiarity is that this variation of traditional rice includes diverse ingredients. Among them: bacon strips, almonds, pecans and the particular spice of cinnamon.

– Christmas salad:

Since Christmas dinners, by their nature are rich in protein it is necessary to balance them with light foods. In this sense, the Christmas salad will be the ideal accompaniment. Made with a cabbage base, it gets a sweet touch with apple, pineapple, walnuts, almonds dressed with yogurt.

A touch of sweetness to your Peruvian Christmas meal recipe

First of all, to make the applesauce you will need green apples, you must cook them over low heat and start mashing them until you get a creamy consistency. To this you usually add water, sugar, cinnamon and butter.

When the desired texture has been achieved, this delicious dessert is ready.

An alternative to applesauce is sweet potato puree.

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