Five dishes to try in a Peruvian restaurant

At an international level, Peruvian food is one of the most recognized, for two characteristics: its fusions and its special flavor. The typical Peruvian cuisine has won awards all over the world, for its variety. The Inca cuisine offers a wide range of dishes, where the influence of the gastronomy of the indigenous peoples is merged with that of the African, Iberian and, more recently, Asian cultures.

Peruvian gastronomy is the identity of an entire people, and an extensive and exquisite culture, all over the world. Over time, it has evolved in terms of techniques and the variety of dishes, which have been extended and pleasing any type of palate.

Peru has a great and privileged cuisine and its typical food is one of the most delicious in Latin America. The diversity of flavors leaves its mark and you will want to try them again. This combination of dishes has achieved such a positive result, achieving recipes that satisfy even the most demanding tastes, of lovers of good food in restaurants.

That’s why we invite you to try some dishes in a Peruvian restaurant like Restaurant Sol y Mar.

Which are the most recognized Peruvian dishes?

Due to the combination of different regions, the food with traditional flavors is always in constant evolution, but without losing that peculiar touch. Therefore, Peru has a long list of typical dishes that it is impossible to mention them all. Therefore, we consider that if you want to try some of the Peruvian culinary arts, you can taste the most recognized ones.

Among the most famous Peruvian dishes are ceviche and potatoes a la huancaina. Are you curious to try Peruvian food? We are pleased to inform you about good food in general. That’s why we want to dedicate this article to five dishes that you should try in a Peruvian restaurant.

Traditional Peruvian dish: mixed ceviche

Ceviche is one of the representative and essential dishes of Peruvian gastronomy. It is considered one of the national cultural heritages of this South American country, and its recipe has been expanding with different variations, in many Latin American countries such as El Salvador, Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Ecuador, among others.

The main ingredient of the mixed ceviche is fish and seafood, previously marinated with lemon or lime for cooking, without losing the texture: the onion is chopped and more lemon is added when served.

It will depend on its presentation or the taste of the person to add sweet potato, seaweed, among other ingredients.

In the Restaurant Sol y Mar, you will also find fish ceviche, shrimp ceviche, black shell ceviche and the house ceviche: Solymar ceviche.

Huancaína Potato

This gastronomic dish was born in the place of Huancayo, one of the highlands of Peru. It is part of the recipes of the local indigenous cuisine and spread in different Peruvian regions

It is a very famous dish of Peru. It is an entrée or side dish made with sliced potatoes, with a cream cheese sauce mixed with oil, egg, salt, yellow bell pepper, milk and a variety of species, to expand its spectacular flavor and aroma.

Every Peruvian restaurant must have this unique dish. The ingredient that lends itself to give its incredible presentation is hard boiled eggs and olives, for a better delight and decoration. 

Until the moment, there is not a single Peruvian that does not know this dish. The Huancaína potato is a typical appetizer, which is usually the perfect complement for a tasty rice with chicken, or red or green noodles.

In Restaurant Sol y Mar, we have the most popular and traditional recipe that has been passed from generation to generation, maintaining its incomparable flavor

Parihuela soup

The parihuela is a container that is used as a container, to transport the artisan fishing. It is called this way, because it is a typical soup of the Peruvian coast, elaborated with fish and seafood.

Among the seafood we find: mussels, shellfish, octopus, crab. While among the fish: cojinova, grouper, sole, cheetah seasoned with a spicy base of Peruvian vinaigrette, bell pepper pancake and yellow bell pepper.

It is usually consumed during most of the winter, because of all the properties that seafood has. But you can consume it whenever you want. It is one of the best soups, with a totally gratifying flavor.

If you are one of the people who prefer soups and creams, the recommendation to try, as part of the Peruvian dishes, is the parihuela. In the restaurant Sol y Mar it is prepared like a cream of seafood and cassava.

Chaufa rice (chicken or meat)

Chaufa rice is a typical dish of the South American country. It receives its name from the influence of Cantonese food, or rather, the hybridization of cultures between Peruvian and Chinese Creole food. It is one of the most consumed foods in Peru and comes from the Chifa cuisine.

We also recommend that you try a rice dish. Imagine a succulent dish made of fried rice, with a variety of meat or chicken, or shrimp and soy sauce, eggs and other ingredients. You can add a few drops of lemon at the end, to accentuate the flavor. If you liked the mixture, then we are talking about chaufa rice.

Squid crackling

And the last dish we recommend is the chicharrón de calamares. It is a traditional Peruvian dish, which you must taste if you are invited to a Peruvian restaurant. It is an elaborate dish of fried calamari breaded, accompanied by rice or sauteed potatoes with salad. Also, it can be accompanied by sauce tartar.

In Peru, the term “chicharrón” refers to any fried food of animal origin in pieces, whose final preparation has a crunchy texture. One of the most famous chicharrones in this country is the squid chicharrón.

To achieve this crunchy texture, the squid is prepared in a mixture of egg, beer and flour.

The Peruvian squid crackling is an ideal starter to share with friends, and to accompany with a few beers or very cold wines, and can be tasted at any time, since the temptation will not be able to avoid it, and only the imagination of seeing this dish will make your mouth water.

If you have never tasted Peruvian food, or you want to enjoy a delicious Peruvian meal, at the Sol y Mar restaurant, located in Montreal, you will find all this variety of dishes that we have described. Don’t miss out on trying them!

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