6 best soups you can taste at Solymar Restaurant in 2023

Peruvian cuisine is recognized worldwide for its delicious flavors. Only in 2022, Peru won once again the award for the best gastronomic destination, however, you should not go to Peru to taste its gastronomy. With this in mind, in this article we want to recommend you the best soups from Perú, which you can try at Solymar Restaurant. Therefore, we invite you to stay and discover the best soups in the world without leaving Canada.

1. Chupe de pescado

One of the reasons why Peruvian food is so famous is because it maintains many of its pre-Columbian roots. Thus, the word “chupe” comes from Quechua and means soup. This is perhaps one of the best soups you can try.

Chupe de pescado is a soup with a creamy texture, which, at first sight, may remind us of the famous European “seafood chowder”. So, the base contains milk, cheese and various spices. It is also prepared with potatoes and corn, as well as coriander.

Among its seasonings is the traditional aji de panka, which gives it a mildly spicy and delicious touch. If you are looking for hearty soups, this is definitely the best choice.

2. Caldo de gallina

Another of the best soups that you can find at Solymar Restaurant is the famous chicken broth. This good soup is prepared with shredded chicken, potatoes, and a variety of vegetables, mainly corn and peas. 

Besides the fact that it is prepared with an adult chicken, which has a slightly different flavor than traditional chicken, this is one of the best soup recipes because of its seasonings. Thus, it often includes cumin and aji amarillo. However, the name caldo should not confuse you, these are hearty soups that are eaten as a main dish. It is also worth mentioning that it is served with white rice and fresh cilantro.

3. Choros soup

Peru has multiple hearty soups recipes, among them, one of the best soups is sopa de choros. This is a traditional dish prepared with choros, a Peruvian mussel famous for its considerable size.

Thus, this good soup contains tomato, onion, cilantro, potatoes, corn, assorted vegetables and spices. It is usually accompanied with white rice and lime wedges, which help to give an excellent acidity to the mussels and the broth in general. So, if you like seafood, this is one of the best soup ideas for dinner

4. Parihuela

As far as parihuela is concerned, this is not only one of the best soups from Perú but one of the best soups in the world. This is a traditional stew that features a large number of fish and seafood, often octopus, squid, shrimp, crab and fish such as sole, grouper and cojinova.

On the other hand, like other hearty soup recipes we have mentioned, this one is seasoned with aji amarillo and aji de panka, some acidic liquid that is often lemon juice, beer or chicha.

 As a side dish you can expect rice, and for the Canadian winter you’re sure to warm up as well as try one of our dinner soup ideas.

5. Aguadito de pollo

Another of our best soups is aguadito de pollo. This traditional Peruvian food is prepared with shredded chicken, cilantro and vegetables, especially corn. The broth usually turns green because it is prepared with a lot of cilantro. 

This recipe is served with white rice and is perfect for a winter day, as it is comforting and delicious. The chicken has a great flavor thanks to its seasonings, in addition to being tender.

6. Fish chilcano

The last of our dinner soup ideas is the fish chilcano. Thus, this is recognized as one of the best soups for its fragrant flavor, which is due to the kind of fish used in it: hake or cod.

Thus, it also includes lime juice and traditional spices from the coastal regions of Peru. In addition, ginger is often added, which gives it a slightly spicy but delicious touch.

And if soups are not your thing, don’t worry. Here you can see the complete menu, you will surely find something to your liking. Also, if you want to know more about Peruvian gastronomy, you can read our article about desserts.